November 30, 2020

Security Experts and Emergency Management Experts Discuss the US Disaster Recovery Plan and FEMA Readiness

“With the events unfolding in Japan since March 11, American disaster recovery experts and security experts have started to analyze the level of preparedness of the United States when faced with such a horrible and a dangerous situation such as the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear cisises that are unfolding in Japan.

disaster recovery plan

This big question is are we prepared for such a ‘triple-whammy’?

The talking point of all the experts was around the state of readiness and preparedness of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the federal agency that has been authorized to handle such situations and the one that received wide criticism for handling the disaster recovery in the aftermath of the Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

What plans does FEMA have in place to respond to a nuclear crisis?

How is FEMA prepared to respond to a tsunami on the scale witnessed in Japan?

Is FEMA capable of managing and handling the recovery efforts like those needed in Japan?

Some Experts feel that FEMA has been doing an excellent job with respect to conducting mock drills across sensitive regions like the gulf coast and the Californian coast and the mid west.

They also felt that FEMA have to increase their pace in implementing a disaster recovery plan. Mock drills just aren’t going to cut it.”

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