May 31, 2020

Air Traffic Controllers Asleep Creates Potential For Air Disaster

“To date, in 2011 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has acknowledged a total of four incidents of air-traffic controllers being asleep while working, with investigations into possibly two additional cases.

air disaster

FAA Administrator Mr. Randy Babbitt and Mr. Paul Rinaldi, president of the labor union that represents the controllers, are touring air-traffic facilities nationwide in an effort to address the need for “”the highest professional standards,”" at all times.

In the meantime to order to avert a possible air disaster all towers in the U.S. will now have at least two air traffic controller working the midnight shifts. This not a new issue in the past the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has requested that the FAA revise the controller’s work schedules. The board expressed the opinion that controller fatigue was “”problematic.”"

The chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, Senator Jay Rockefeller, Representative John Mica, Chairman of the House Transportation Committee, have criticized the FAA’s handling of the situation.”

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