August 13, 2020


About FEMA Handbook

FEMA Handbook is a site made up of a wonderful collective of people who are crazy about sharing their knowledge about FEMA, while learning more about it at the same time.

The staff of FEMA Handbook keep you up to date on the latest information about FEMA and how this might affect your world.

We work hard to bring you news and information that makes a difference to you.

The FEMA Handbook Difference

FEMA Handbook is the number one website about FEMA on the internet for many reasons:

1. We care about our visitors. The writers of FEMA Handbook read your comments and feedback and try to respond and continually improve FEMA Handbook.

2. We care about FEMA. We are experts on FEMA and and you can tell by the quality of our work.

3. We’ve been in your situation before. Looking for information you can rely on about FEMA and having a hard time finding it, so we created this website.

4. FEMA Handbook is kept up to date with the latest information about FEMA.

5. FEMA Handbook is free. You can visit FEMA Handbook at no charge.

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