May 31, 2020

FEMA Emergency Management Services

Summary – The FEMA emergency management services include preparing for disasters as well as providing relief and assistance to folks who have been affected by disasters.

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The purpose of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is to help people and government deal with emergencies such as natural disasters and terrorist attacks. The institution, that came into being by an executive order from President Jimmy Carter in 1979 and has been a part of Department of Homeland Security since 2003, prepares for disasters and provides relief to people who have been affected by them. Through the NIMS they also seek to collaborate with the government agencies at different levels of governance (federal, local, state, and tribal) so as to minimize the losses to life, property, and security through an incident of any nature.

The first of these FEMA emergency management services is advance preparation. Other than arming you with information and guides regarding preparing yourself for natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes, the FEMA itself takes part in mitigation programs. The mitigation programs include the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and other programs which are brought to action to reduce losses to properties (such as homes, office buildings, schools etc) from floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other disasters. This first of all deals with enforcing stringent building guidelines including methods to flood proof, wind brace, and protection against seismic activities while building new buildings.

The preparation part of emergency management also includes retrofitting buildings to deal with natural disasters, using zoning ordinances to prevent development from happening in places prone to these disasters, acquiring buildings and businesses in disaster prone areas and returning these areas to open space while relocating those who were there to new localities, and building shelters and safe rooms in homes and buildings in areas prone to tornadoes and hurricanes.

The emergency management also includes recovery and rebuild of those areas which have been hit by disasters. The type of assistance provided by FEMA include short term assistance to states to deal with disasters (presidentially declared ones) in their areas, providing money and other forms of assistance to victims of disaster, providing legal services (in disaster related areas) to victims of disasters, providing unemployment assistance to folks who lost their jobs due to disasters, the NFIP, and of course all the grants that FEMA provides such as your Homeland Security Grant Program, Port Security Grant Program etc.

If you are eligible for assistance as per FEMA regulations you could apply for assistance either online or through phone. If you are interested in seeking employment in the emergency management services of FEMA you could check out the website and find out the details of jobs available.

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